Not at your age…

My mom called me today to tell me that my 34 years old brother shaved his hair off! She was shocked. My brother has always been the rebel at home so I would think (almost) nothing should surprise her (or me) anymore – yet it still does. He ‘wanted to see what it looks like’. I really love my brother with all my heart but I couldn’t help thinking, you have photoshop nowadays, if you want to know what it looks like! And it made me wonder, is there no age when you get too old for ‘trying things out’? Shaving your hair off, dyeing it in a wow-colour (he was red-haired last year, by accident as he says : ) or getting a tatoo.. Does is not look ridiculous at one point? ..and if yes, when? It seems like there is no deadline for some people and for others that age never even existed. I never felt the urge to wear pink hair or anything that comes even close.. Some people say that if you have always been a good girl some day it will catch up on you and you will live your ‘rebellion’ at the age of 30..or 40.. Meaning, every one of us goes through it sooner or later…there is a little (or big) rebel slumbering in every one of us. Is there? We will see..

Photo above is from trendland


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