Work/life balance


I loved this article by Sarah Lacy from pandodaily about work/life balance of mothers which Joanna Godard posted on her blog last week – merci.
Just like her I love how Sarah Lucy points out how ‘having it all’ meant something very different for every one of us and therefore was always achieved in a unique way. There is no rules or instruction manual about ‘how to have it all’.
I always thought, after having a baby I will go back to work pretty soon as I like my job and I though I didn’t study architecture and did my diploma to stay at home and be a mother.. – but that’s what I actually did. Since almost 10 months now I’m officially a ‘home stay mom’ -even though only temporarily, but I am and I feel great with it!
I love being with Maximilien every day, seeing how he grows (and he grows so fast), how he discovers .. the world!.. discovering me through him. Every day is different and every day is new. It’s something I wouldn’t want to miss or trade for anything. I know I will go back to work eventually ( I know I start to miss it and I know I will need it for myself) but for now I enjoy being a mom, and just a mom. I’m thankful that I could choose.


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