Toxic toys..

The other day we watched this program about toxic toys on tv (arte) which was just…shocking!! I can’t believe this lack of control – the CE -seal doesn’t assure anything. ..trusting the companies to make their tests and assure that their toys don’t bear any dangerous substances whereas (at least) in Europe every year thousands of toys are withdrawn from the market because of their danger and poisonousness. And the victims are kids, babies – the most innocent beings on earth completely unknowing and trusting in us. I still can’t believe it. The restrictions for rubber ( the volatile aromatic hydrocarbons to be exact) in our car wheels are stricter than for the rubber toys that our children put into their mouth! (a 1000 times higher concentration of the substance is allowed than in the car wheels) Can you believe it? I’m really disgusted by all those big companies that make money on our children and their health.

So next thing I’ve done, I put away all the plastic toys that Maxou got from friends and family since he was born (sorry guys). I try to get him toys that are as natural as possible but it doesn’t count for my friends and family -which I understand. If you don’t have kids on our own you certainly never think of the danger that toys can bear -I didn’t either before.
And then I went to a great little wooden toys shop here in Paris called ‘L’epee de bois‘ and got him some fantastic replacements – so much more beautiful than most of this plastic stuff. Like this little helicopter – I love it!


PS. This is a great site where you’re informed about many of the dangers in kids products (at least in Germany).


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