Apulia..and a trullo

pouille 1_2

Summer is approaching in big steps -even though it’s only on the calendar. There was snow coming down in Paris today! -only a little tiny bit, but I’m positive, it was snow! So even spring seems so far away. Which is even more a reason to think of summer actually.
So while we’re brainstorming for some ideas for this upcoming summer, my mind often spins back to our last summer vacation – in Apulia, Italy. Magnificent!

pouille 1_2

Do you know what is a Trullo? Eh ben, that’s the reason why we went to Apulia, a region in southern Italy, in the “heel of the boot”.
We adored the idea of spending the summer in one of those traditional cottages built out of stone with a conical roof. Generally the trulli were constructed as temporary field shelters and storehouses. Thanks to their very thick stonewalls trulli provide great protection against the apulian heat in the summer. And Apulia is the region in Italy where you can find plenty of those traditional dry stone huts, most of them renovated very neatly nowadays…they give perfect holiday houses. You can even find some real luxury trulli (http://www.villapuglia.com/ if you want to see some)
When we go on vacation we usually tend to rent a house and avoid hotels. It’s just so much more comfortable to take breakfast in your PJs,..or in your bikini sitting on your terrasse in the sunshine not bothering about anybody else..at a time you want. I just can’t be bothered with hotels for longer than a weekend. (And especially now with a baby.)
So we found this beautiful trullo in the middle of a huge olive tree garden that came along with it, close to Ostuni, magnifique.

Ostuni itself is one of those beautiful old italian cities, built on a hill not far from the sea.

It was heaven on earth. The only thing that was missing was the pool. But than again, you can’t have it all, right? As Maxou was only 3 months old we didn’t really go to the beach but spent most of the time in one of the hammocks between the olive trees enjoying the sun, delicious italian food and.. farniente. For those without babies, Apulia has also beautiful beaches .)

pouille 2


Pictures of ‘our’ trullo, the garden and the view from the roof (and Maxou  & me in the hammock)


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