About adoption…


The other day while I was looking through a book about kids education I read something about babies and little children at children’s homes and it made my heart swell when I thought of all those little beings alone in their bassinets waiting for their mum or dad to come and take them in their arms when they wake up and cry..but nobody would come to cuddle them and whisper tender words in their little ears.

Then in the evening when I was talking to Em about it we ended up talking about the discussion of gay marriage and adoption – it’s in the news almost every day as the law which was approved by France’s National Assembly is to pass before the senate now. It’s quite an intense debate in France right now.
One of my best friends is gay and though I have never questioned same-sex marriage I admit that I had some doubts about the adoption-question. I keep asking myself: How could two men raise a little girl? And by ‘how’ I mean really how? How will they know about all that girl stuff that women know so well?.. that complicity between girls, questions that only your mother can answer…etc.
And there Emmanuel had a point. I must say he’s probably the most tolerant and most not judgemental, ‘live-and-let-live’ person I know. ‘Just how am I raising our son? And how is a father raising his daughter if he looses his wife?’ And then, I know it sounds cheesy but it’s so true: in the end all that matters is love. So all those lonely forgotten children in the children’s homes aren’t they ‘still’ better off with two dads or two mums who love them and who love each other and care for them then nothing of that but their loneliness?
It’s difficult to come up with an argument against that, right?

I don’t want this to be a political post – it’s only such a hotly discussed matter (battle, I would almost say) right now that I think people lose sight of what it’s really about.

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  1. mags

    Oh dear…agree so much…indeed what matters is love.So happy there’re people who want to share it and ask forit and go for it…

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