They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words

Kevin Carter

This one definitely is.
It’s been hunting me since a couple of days since it came up at dinner the other night and it left me so…so shocked and mute and so so sad that I had to share.
You probably know it. It was taken 1994 by Kevin Carter and got him the Pulitzer Price..and a lot of critique. It depicts the famine in Sudan showing a little girl struggling on her way towards a foodcamp of the United Nations and the vulture waiting behind her… It’s so heart wrenching that it moves me to tears every time I look at it. Our world is so unjust!
I know that the picture caused a lot of controversy so I’m not going to debate about Carters attitude when he took it, because it’s is not clear, nobody seems to know for sure how he really behaved at the given moment. The statements are contradictory. I know it’s hard to imagine to witness a situation like this and decide to take his camera and shoot a picture – after all ‘it’s his job’, one would say and this picture was maybe a wake-up-call for millions of unknowing people like us – ‘There’s a limit’ others would say. ‘Did he do anything to help?’… What is the right position here? It’s hard.. But I do hope he didn’t just stay deedless, inactive in the face of such unbearable misery and did something to help this poor little girl.
Three months later Carter committed suicide, he was suffering depression.

Fact is, this is reality in our today’s world and it’s heartbreaking. The United Nations reports that about 19,000 children die every day around the world! Every day!
Every time I see anything like this I want to pack my stuff, leave my place, fly to the other side of the planet and do something to help, do something that matters, do something to feel less guilty that my life is so good.. and then I never go, never leave this comfortable live. Maybe I would if I was 10 years younger, if I wouldn’t have a child to care for on my own, if…
But I marvel at all the people who do with the utmost respect and admiration, the people who leave their ‘normal’ lives to help others in the most altruistic way. And were some of them maybe moved and affected in their decision by a picture like Carters’?


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