Dreamplaces – Stars building for stars


Tom Ford got himself built a ranch by nobody less than our famous, beloved Tandao Ando and it looks just beautiful – so clean and pure, so Tandao Ando.

I’m not a fashionista and I don’t know much about Tom Ford but what I do know about him I really like. Très sympatique – as the french would say. At least he seems so. He’s this good-looking (so handsome!), successful (cause hardworking), smart, self-confident but not arrogant ..fashion designer, film producer…  and did you know that he has a diploma in architecture which he got in Paris?  What gained him even more points  than he already got from me (not that he would care) with his movie A single man – beautiful movie.
Of course he’s not on the market, Ford is  in a relationship with the same partner since more than 20 years, with dogs and a baby as of late.
And the fact that he has chosen japanese architect Tandao Ando as architect for his home in Texas… This man has taste and culture.  I don’t know of many from the fashion business who have shown an interest in..  architecture, I mean really architecture, you know what I mean. Do you?

I’m aware that as an architect I should write probably more about Tandao Ando and not Tom Ford – but the woman in me was stronger than the architect .) Though I know that men- like mine- do like him as well – to boot.


Photos Guido Mocafico


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