How much are your souvenirs?


The other day I had a nightmare come true – again. My external hard disk left me high and dry with no further comment, just like that from out of the blue. She took with her all my pictures from the last couple of years, my diploma, my work, some important documents…and so on.
Moments like that are just.. they leave you speechless. It happened to me already a couple of years ago during my diploma, only a couple of days before the deadline – and it was worse as it was the hard disk of my computer- so nothing was working anymore. And of course I had no back ups – it seems you never have when this happens. I sent the disk to some data-recovery guy who recovered most of my stuff for what seemed to me a little fortune.
After that incident I got myself this external hard disk where I would save all my documents etc.  since then. Of course I never thought about getting a backup for that. I should have.

And here I was again last week, combing through the internet on the search for an affordable data-recovery company and to my big shock the prices haven’t changed a bit since the last incident! Even worse, I’ve the impression that it’s even more expensive than it was to get your lost files back.  Some of the companies don’t even start working under 400€/530$..!

Since I wasn’t in a deadline hurry like last time I had the time to re-think the situation a little bit. Was I really ready to spent something like 900 $ for some pictures? My pictures.  All my travels during the last couple of years, my first vacations  with Em, the first days with Maxou in our life.. and all the other that followed until today… Then my diploma, even if I would never need it anymore -but what if I would? So, how much was I ready to pay for all that? 500, 700, 900 $?  How important was it to me?
Some people say, they don’t care much about pictures because they keep their memories in their head.. and their heart. That’s true. But who doesn’t know that moment when you happen to stumble over some old pictures and then all the sudden you’ve passed hours reminiscing in old memories. I’m definitely one of those persons and I wouldn’t want it any other way. So how much are we willing to pay for our ‘souvenirs’?

Luckily I will not know – at least not my real limit (at least not now and hopefully never), as I found a company in Germany that would recover the files (I must say it’s a very small hard disk) for less than 300$.  I think that’s fair. I really care about them, a lot.  We even had a maybe-sollution for the worst case scenario (700 €). I would only have to put 1€ in a saving box every day – after 2 years I would have my files back without making a hole in my bank account – only – would I want and could I wait 2 years?? Would you?


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