Architects gone shoe designer


Em told me the other day that Jean Nouvel has designed a shoe lately. Well, I thought to myself, after furniture, lamps and rugs we come to the world of fashion – that’s something. But I learned a few days later that he’s not the only architect, not at all. Actually it’s quite in vogue right now, architects going shoe designer.
The collection Pure designed by Jean Nouvel is a leather and rubber boot for Italian shoe brand  Ruco Line. It comes in white, black, fluorescent yellow and fuchsia.

If you want it a little more fancy look for Zaha Hadid, who has designed already several shoe models.
One of them a sandal for the hot Brazilian plastic shoemaker Melissa

shoes-Zaha Hadid


You remember those? I’m sure you also had one of them in your childhood .)

Those were the beginnings of Melissa . They’ve come quite a long way, right?



Zaha Hadid has also designed a line for Lacoste

shoes-Zaha Hadid-Lacoste

and for the dutch brand United Nude. It’s called Nova and it’s supposed be the first shoe ever to use rotation moulding in its manufacture. I would LOVE to see somebody walk in this! Right?

shoes-Zaha Hadid_Nova

And something more classic for the traditional among us, the good old converse by Oscar Niemeyer


Jean, I love the architecture you do but considering shoes I think I’m more the Oscar type .)

more here


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