Summer break


I’ve been absent.. for quite a while. Life has been busy with travels, seeing my parents, prolonging travel since our Paris apartment was cut off electricity by a misunderstanding. So I stayed away longer than planned with Maxou. We still had some camping-like days and nights in our apartment, which was quite fun, actually. And quite relaxing, some days without tv, no mails, no phone calls..
Then preparing life after my maternity break, which will be over at the end of september.  So work will have me back and Maxou will go to a day-care center for children (crèche) like all his little french fellows. We were lucky to have a place! Wow! Which equals a miracle here in Paris where the places at the crèche are highly in demand. On the top we even had two places offered (!) at two different facilities (as I signed us on probably 10 different waiting lists in our neighborhood).  So there were information and register meetings, medical appointments, preparations for our summer vacations and so on..
Now summer can come.. and the new ‘year’ as well, like the french call the return back to school and work after the summer vacations.
Paris is ‘dead’ in August. Apart from the masses of tourists all the inhabitants are gone, the streets are deserted just like the offices which are closed, like your favorite bakery, your doctor, the theaters and so on… You shouldn’t count on dealing with any important administrative, medical or this sort of matters. Everybody flees the city which makes it almost enjoyable again. The streets are never this empty in the morning during the year. It’s quite extraordinary.
So we’re also flying off (again) to the south next week, close to Aix-en-Provence. Looking so much forward to it!

Picture Lucie & Simon


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