Spraying instead of tailoring




Body painting gets quite a new meaning here.
Spanish fashion designer Manel Torres invented world’s first spray-on fabric! How crazy is that?!
The spray creates a seamless fabric on contact with the body, consolidated within a couple of minutes you can remove it, wash it and wear it again!

Torres has worked almost ten years on the realisation of his project. He teamed up with Paul Luckham, chemical engineer and professor on the Imperial College London and set up a company called Fabrican Ltd. They also explore other applications like spray-on medicine patches, hygiene wipes or textiles for furniture covers..
The spray consists of short fibres that are mixed into a solvent, allowing it to be sprayed from a can or high-pressure spray gun. The fibres are mixed with polymers that bind them together to form a fabric. The texture of the fabric can be varied by using wool, linen or acrylic fibres.
..”By adding or altering the various components in the basic formula we are able to produce different products for widely different uses.”




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