Summer break Paris #2


While the streets of Paris in August are empty as at no other time during the year the beaches are quite populated.
Since about 10 years the city of Paris organizes an event called Paris Plages during the months of July and August. One of the traffic lanes along the river Seine (la voie sur berge rive droite de la Seine) is closed and covered with tones of sand in order to create an artificial beach in the center of Paris offering various activities for young.. and ‘older’ kids.
And though I agree that it’s a nice idea for all those who (have to) stay in Paris during vacation time I must admit that I’m not a big fan of the beach along the Seine. I don’t know why.. maybe because the city is too palpable (it’s still the center of Paris)

But this year we made a nice discovery while taking a walk at the bassin de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement. There is another part of Paris Plages, less known as less central and therefore much more charming and pleasant, to my eyes.
And even though Maxou is still too small to enjoy any of the activities we always have a good time only watching the others…





..struggle on water (my personal favorite! Looks so much fun)


..get wet and cool off



.. dance (or learn how to do so 🙂

ParisPlages5 pétanque (of course!)


..or just built some castles and chill on the beach


.. and lots of other stuff. So if you’re in Paris during summer (with kids or without) it’s a cool place to pass a pleasant afternoon ‘away’ from the city. (until the 18th of August)


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