Medical Herbman Cafe Project


When you don’t feel well in your stomach you’re supposted to drink camomile – and when I was pregnant I was told towards the end of my term to drink a tea made from raspberry bush. It is supposed to loosen up your uterus muscles. (for the girls among you,  I heard that it also helps when you suffer from menstrual cramps).
But that’s about all that I know about the virtues of plants and herbs. Unfortunately because I’m pretty sure that some plants could help us just as well or even better as some of the chemical drugs that we use so often to treat our little pains a aches.

That’s why I think this is really quite a great project!


EARTHSCAPE, a Japanese landscape design studio have created Medical Herbman Café Project (MHCP)  which is basically a giant travelling human-shaped herb garden – herbman, ‘teaching’ people the virtues of plants for the different parts of our body. MHCP aims to raise awareness about how herbs can be used to treat and heal our body.

The project travelled in big shipping container that serve as a temporary café and shop once the herb garden is installed. The herbs are planted on the surface of a giant 60m herbman (which serves as a big map) according to the parts of the body they can treat. Plants that can treat your digestions will be planted on the stomach area, for example and so on.
The proceeds of the project serve to help build playgrounds in developing countries.


A social action project that is expressed through design work and carried out by the landscape design studio EARTHSCAPE. We consider all the necessary production and activity that occurs around the project, such as the details, related items produced, and the flow of people visiting events — indeed the entire project — as a work of design.

MHCP is a project that travels to different locales like a circus, growing a little with each stop. Wherever we go, we build a human-shaped field called “Herbman,” through which we educate visitors about the relationship between humans and nature. MHCP is a social enterprise realized in part by the landscape design studio Earthscape. We treat all the project details and production—indeed, all the activity that occurs around the project—as design elements. The project expands as Herbman travels around the world, carrying his luggage in a single shipping container. He will meet many people at his various destinations, gaining knowledge and growing bigger and stronger as he goes.
Herbman carries his trunk (the container) as he travels, delivering dreams to children and teaching good health to all. This is the vision of our project.
His trips may be irregular, but he will keep on traveling forever.


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