This week is Maxou’s first week at the crêche (french for daycare facility for children). And as a mother and an architect I’m quite interested in the facility itself from a personal and an architectural point of view, of course.
So when I started to apply for a place in the crêches in our neighborhood I passed by every crêche in order to have at least a glimpse at it from the outside. Having grown up in a little town in the country of German you can only be disappointed though. Most of the facilities in Paris are setup on the first floor of general apartment or office buildings. An inner court is quite a luxe (I’m not even talking about a real garden) and even daylight can be quite meager as the buildings around are high and the streets narrow. So I was quite happy when we got a place at a crêche that is an independent building with a little inner court where the children can play when ever they want. (And which is only 5 minutes walk from ourplace!) I still can’t believe it.
And though I feel very grateful I still couldn’t help but feel kind of envious when I saw this architectural report about children facilities around the world. So I wanted to share.

This is a kindergarten in Tokyo by the architects duo Tezuka Architects.



I love the fact that you can walkon the roof!

The following is also a project by Tezuka Architects  in Tokyo and is called “Around a tree“.  It’s definitely my favorite.  The whole building has been designed around an old twisted zelkova tree.  Some rooms are high and some are just a small as a little child, some closed and some are completely open. There seems to be no boundary between the internal and the external.





Photos: Katsuhisa Kida

This one called Traumbaum is a project in Berlin by the architects Baupiloten.




Photos: Jan Bitter

… and this is Tukusi Nursery School in Hiroshima by UID Architects, a peanut-shaped building with large curved walls and large windows and a beautiful garden.




Photos: Hiroshi Ueda

Who wouldn’t be jealous? They’re great, right?!

Photo above: Doisneau


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