A weekend in Cadaqués


Last weekend we had a great (probably last) taste of summer for this year. A friend of ours was celebrating her birthday in Cadaqués, Catalonia in Spain. It’s a beautiful little town in a bay of the Costa Brava. But unlike other little bay towns that we know so well Cadaques is well hidden in the bay by the mountains that surround it which make the access not that easy and obvious. (I get sick every time we go there due to the serpentine street that leads there- but it’s worth it 🙂

Apart from being a beautiful place for spending some days in the summer it is also known as the town of Dali who had a home in a bay right next to the town.  Today it accommodates a Dali museum that you can visit.
The only B flat minor for those who love the beach: the beaches in Cadaques are little and pebbly but still beautiful and the water is crystal clear.

Our friends live in Barcelona, which is only a 2h drive from Cadaqués and often go there, like many Barcelonians, for the weekend. We’ve already spent some beautiful weekends with them but this one was quite unforgettable.
They’ve rented this gorgeous ‘mansion’ at a peninsula at only 10 minutes walk from the center of the village. You felt like in a dream every single moment. It was that harbor of peace and tranquility from where you watch the boats sail by and the rest of the world seems just so so far away…





…and imagine there are people who actually live like that every single day!





Merci Steph et Damien!


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