Happy New Year


Here we are..2014..it still sounds so weird..
And I’m way behind my blog… Life has been so busy the last couple of weeks…months. It seems like it has been a long year.. which went by so fast.

When I look back it doesn´t feel like IT has brought much new,  serious substantial changes but rather the Old in a new, altered, unknown manner.
Maxou has changed so much, the little baby he was only a couple of months ago seems so far away. He runs, he talks, he demands or refuses, he wants things his own way.
I’m back to work, same work but I finally know what it means to be a working mom.. life is not the same!  ‘What a cliché‘, I always thought ‘working mom‘. And you don’t understand what it really means till you really get there – I’m there and I’m worn out. And we only have one kiddo so far!! How are you doing the job with two or three…? So, my apologies to all those working moms out there, especially mine. I’ve never realized all the work you really had to manage.
There hasn’t been any serious, revolutionary changes in our relationship either yet I still have the feeling that it took a 100 degree turn.. from ‘us‘ to ‘us + 1‘. It changes so much without that you even notice it… Slowly, unconspiciously but surely the little +1 takes over everything . As casually as possible it sneeks in every corner of your mind, takes in all the place in your heart, takes possession of all your free time and your grasses matinées (french for fat morning – meaning staying in bed till noon) .) So, you have to be very careful.. and probably very well organized.because there comes a night when you lie in your bed and ask yourself ‘what happened to ‘us‘? Where did it go? ..and I? What happened to me? to seeing my friends, going swimming and doing pilates..?
So, we haven’t quite figured it all out yet, but we’ll get there. (hopefully)

But +1 means also + 1000000… of new, unknown, beautiful, unforgettable moments and feelings…which I’m so so thankful for.

So even thought the changes might seem imperceptible, they can be overthrowing… in every possible way.

Happy New Year everybody! ..with lots of magnificient changes in all forms and shapes.


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