Weeks faves

New Year… new trying. Since my life schedule at the moment often doesn’t leave me enough time to write posts as I would like to, I decided to set up  ‘Weeks faves‘ where I share things which I have stumbled upon during the week. So hope you enjoy!

KonneKt is a game that allows children in isolation to interact and play through glass barriers with others

Isn’t that great? Unbelievable that nobody has thought about this before. I love this idea and I really hope it can get realized and go into production so that kids all over could enjoy it.



…a loudspeaker that you an actually sit in! Crazy.. but I would to have one of those at my office (especially when my colleague is there)
Equipped with 18 speakers and fitted with Tempur pillows that adjust to your body shape.
Designed by Scandinavian Studio Total and Pjadad.

And since it’s friday afternoon and almost time for the apéro here in Paris…

bottle opener
bottle opener3
bottle opener 1.1

I would love to have one of those in my kitchen. Beautiful bottle openers. I never thought I would say that one about a bottle opener – but these are really little masterpieces made of brass.
Crest bottle opener



And this one is especially for you, my chéri 🙂
The Undo button for you iphone. At least for me it’s new and I remember how often you swear that you cannot undo something that got erased or recover a text that just disappeared…voilà!

Have a great weekend!


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