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Tables four two

We were thinking lately to get Maxou a little table and on his own to draw and amuse himself but we don’t want any of that basic children furniture that you find everywhere, most probably in plastic and in yelling colors ….

So I stumbled over this tables set – quite original and stylish.

Not sure if it’s really very practical with little kids but I definitely like it!

Tables for 2-Sheree

and en plus, it doesn’t take much space…

Tables for 2-Sheree2

….and once they’re grown you can still use it….

Tables for 2-Sheree3Tables for 2-Sheree4












Tables four two by Sheree B Design




Happy New Year


Here we still sounds so weird..
And I’m way behind my blog… Life has been so busy the last couple of weeks…months. It seems like it has been a long year.. which went by so fast.

When I look back it doesn´t feel like IT has brought much new,  serious substantial changes but rather the Old in a new, altered, unknown manner.
Maxou has changed so much, the little baby he was only a couple of months ago seems so far away. He runs, he talks, he demands or refuses, he wants things his own way.
I’m back to work, same work but I finally know what it means to be a working mom.. life is not the same!  ‘What a cliché‘, I always thought ‘working mom‘. And you don’t understand what it really means till you really get there – I’m there and I’m worn out. And we only have one kiddo so far!! How are you doing the job with two or three…? So, my apologies to all those working moms out there, especially mine. I’ve never realized all the work you really had to manage.
There hasn’t been any serious, revolutionary changes in our relationship either yet I still have the feeling that it took a 100 degree turn.. from ‘us‘ to ‘us + 1‘. It changes so much without that you even notice it… Slowly, unconspiciously but surely the little +1 takes over everything . As casually as possible it sneeks in every corner of your mind, takes in all the place in your heart, takes possession of all your free time and your grasses matinées (french for fat morning – meaning staying in bed till noon) .) So, you have to be very careful.. and probably very well organized.because there comes a night when you lie in your bed and ask yourself ‘what happened to ‘us‘? Where did it go? ..and I? What happened to me? to seeing my friends, going swimming and doing pilates..?
So, we haven’t quite figured it all out yet, but we’ll get there. (hopefully)

But +1 means also + 1000000… of new, unknown, beautiful, unforgettable moments and feelings…which I’m so so thankful for.

So even thought the changes might seem imperceptible, they can be overthrowing… in every possible way.

Happy New Year everybody! ..with lots of magnificient changes in all forms and shapes.

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I won’t die, I have a son.

Je ne mourrai pas, j’ai un fils.


“C’est un proverbe arabe, d’Oman je crois. Je me le murmure souvent depuis que je suis père, quand j’écris et que je l’imagine, devenu grand, penché au-dessus de mon épaule. Lui, c’est notre enfant: voilà cinq ans qu’il nous a offert, à sa mère et à moi, une forme d’immortalité, en ce sens que nous nous sentons encore plus vivants avec lui, merveilleusement plus vivants. Ses regards, ses rires, ses questions, l’observer jouer, l’entendre chantonner… Pas seulement un prolongement temporel, mais un embellissement de la vie, qui soudain n’a plus de limites: plus ample, plus surprenante, plus chargée de sens, de joie et d’une certaine gravité aussi. Une vie qui nous oblige à nous demander, à chaque instant: que voulons-nous transmettre?”

J’étais fasciné par ces phrases. Christophe Ono-dit-Biot est un journaliste et écrivain français.

” ‘I won’t die, I have a son.’ It’s an Arabian proverb. I murmur it often to myself since I’m a father. When I’m writing and I imagine him grown up, leaned over my shoulder. Him, it’s our child: voilà five years that he has given us, me and his mother, a certain immortality, meaning that we feel even more alive with him. His glances, his smiles, his questions, watching him playing, listening to him singing.. Not only an extension in time, but an embellishment of life, which suddenly has no limits anymore: more vast, more surprising, charged with a meaning, with joy and a certain gravity. A life that forces us to ask ourself every single moment: what do we want to pass on?”

I was fascinated by those sentences written by the french journalist and writer Christophe Ono-dit-Biot.
They’re so true, so true. Those little beings give meaning to it all, it all makes sense and everything that seemed so big before is relativised, is put into perspective and often appears so little next to them.

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Playing with food: allowed

How great are these ceramic plates?!! Love them!
Maxou is coming into an age where eating becomes sometimes difficult so I can only imagine what it will be like if our little tricks with avocado or dice of ham won’t work anymore. So I’m definetly getting some of these!! They look so much fun, don’t they? You just can’t not unload them, right?

boguslaw sliwinski plate toy

boguslaw sliwinski plate toy2

boguslaw sliwinski plate toy3

boguslaw sliwinski plate toy1

Designed by the polish designer Boguslaw Skiwinski . Wish listed!

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This week is Maxou’s first week at the crêche (french for daycare facility for children). And as a mother and an architect I’m quite interested in the facility itself from a personal and an architectural point of view, of course.
So when I started to apply for a place in the crêches in our neighborhood I passed by every crêche in order to have at least a glimpse at it from the outside. Having grown up in a little town in the country of German you can only be disappointed though. Most of the facilities in Paris are setup on the first floor of general apartment or office buildings. An inner court is quite a luxe (I’m not even talking about a real garden) and even daylight can be quite meager as the buildings around are high and the streets narrow. So I was quite happy when we got a place at a crêche that is an independent building with a little inner court where the children can play when ever they want. (And which is only 5 minutes walk from ourplace!) I still can’t believe it.
And though I feel very grateful I still couldn’t help but feel kind of envious when I saw this architectural report about children facilities around the world. So I wanted to share.

This is a kindergarten in Tokyo by the architects duo Tezuka Architects.



I love the fact that you can walkon the roof!

The following is also a project by Tezuka Architects  in Tokyo and is called “Around a tree“.  It’s definitely my favorite.  The whole building has been designed around an old twisted zelkova tree.  Some rooms are high and some are just a small as a little child, some closed and some are completely open. There seems to be no boundary between the internal and the external.





Photos: Katsuhisa Kida

This one called Traumbaum is a project in Berlin by the architects Baupiloten.




Photos: Jan Bitter

… and this is Tukusi Nursery School in Hiroshima by UID Architects, a peanut-shaped building with large curved walls and large windows and a beautiful garden.




Photos: Hiroshi Ueda

Who wouldn’t be jealous? They’re great, right?!

Photo above: Doisneau

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Happy Father’s day.. made me smile

fathersday’s been already a couple of days and we didn’t really celebrate.. but I loved those 28 Reasons To Appreciate Your Dad This Father’s Day

I think my favorites are n°1 and n°2  .)   n°5


n°24 and of course n°27 that you see above – so sweet.
Dads are the best, anyway! Right?

Happy belated Father’s day, mon amour .)

via buzzFeed

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One year



Today is Maxous first birthday! I still can’t believe it. This year has passed so fast.
We all survived and most of all you did. I know it sounds crazy, but how many times at night I have held my breath to listen to yours. I’ve bent over the crib to feel your chest move. The first months are so scary..but also so wonderful, so intense,  so much like nothing else that I have lived so far. You already seem such a big boy compared to last year at that time. Two days ago you started walking and you’re so proud of it, it shines through your sunny eyes and your big smile, my little hero. You make my day every day. I feel so blessed, so lucky, so indescribably fortunate and happy. I couldn’t imagine it is possible to love a person so much, so beyond everything – thank you for showing me, my little man.



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How Talking to your baby increases his IQ


..or The Power of talking to your baby.
They always tell you how important it is to talk to your baby from the first days on, during his first months in your belly already. For several reason. And I’m a big believer in this. I’m sure he or she can hear you and even though he/she might not understand your words, the tone of your voice is the message.
And then once they’re born, even though they’re still little babies I’m sure they understand what you tell them so I always try to explain everything to Maxou.
But this article by TINA ROSENBERG brings it even to another level.

Apparently “…the key to early learning is talking. Specifically, a child’s exposure to language spoken by parents and caretakers from birth to age 3, the more the better.” …”Children whose families were on welfare heard about 600 words per hour. Working-class children heard 1,200 words per hour, and children from professional families heard 2,100 words.”… “And the disparity mattered: the greater the number of words children heard from their parents or caregivers before they were 3, the higher their IQ and the better they did in school. TV talk not only didn’t help, it was detrimental.”

Wow, so talk talk talk!

via A cup of Jo

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I love this one


… because they grow so fast

…and that one


from HolaSunshine

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This made me smile..

Last week we spent in Poland with Maxou (visiting my family for eastern – though it felt much more like christmas with all that snow!) and while browsing some polish magazines I came upon this.
You remember how children love to crawl under the table while you sit around it and enjoy dinner? Well, isn’t that tablecloth a great idea! .)



by the polish designer Pani Jurek

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