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Beautiful blue watermark tiles

I never thought tiles could be so beautiful! Usually I’m not a big fan of bathroom tiles (which is probably why we don’t have any- Em dislikes them even more than me) but those are just stunning..


Tiles-Deborah-Osburn 2


Tiles-Deborah-Osburn 3

…so poetic.. so delicate and feathery.. just like a watercolor painting  (which they actually are)

Tiles-Deborah-Osburn 4



This poem of indigo called Watermark collection is the work of designer Deoborah Osburn who has been creating tiles for over 25 years now.  Everytile is handmade and unique! Quite a piece of work. If you want to see more of her collections go to Clé.



P.S. You can read more about the process here


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Have you seen those Thai commercials lately? They’re so touching…

I know it’s cheesy, it’s only commercials… but I’m such a softy – even commercials make my eyes wet. But I have to admit, those two are really well done..

In the rush of daily life we often forget what really matters,we forget about the simple things in life, these spots are good reminders so have a look


and this one, which is actually based on a real story



Have a great day!


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Spring is here- at least according to the calendar

I love this time of the year when everything seems to be waking up and putting on its beauty…


“Quiero hacer contigo lo que la primavera hace con los cerezos.

– I want to do with you what spring does with cherry trees.”

                     Pablo Neruda


Cherryblossom_Ark TuiKyoto, Japan

2 Cherryblossom_Marcel Bednarz2

2 Cherryblossom_Marcel BednarzGermany

3 Cherryblossom_NavidBaraty

3 Cherryblossom_NavidBaraty2USA


Cherryblossom_Japan.pg Japan

1 Ark Tui

2 Marcel Bednarz

3 Navid Baraty

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