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Madame l’Architecte

This one is a  special for all architects among you, my fellow sufferers, and those who know this business.  After a really sh…y day  at the office, having a look at  this tumblr really helps to relativize, put things into perspective .. and see things with some humour and less gravity.
Some of my french friends may already know it: Madame l’Architecte. Two women architects who narrate in pictures and with a lot of humour the daily routine of their work! It’s just hilarious!

Here are some of my favorites .)

(For the non frenchies among you, I tried some translation)

Quand le maitre d’ouvrage te demande si l’estimation des travaux inclut les options.
When the client asks you if the estimate of costs includes options.


Quand tu demandes conseil à ton boss au sujet d’un courrier recommandé destiné à une entreprise –
When you ask your boss for advice about a registered mail for a contractor


Quand tes collègues te demandent comment s’est passée ta réunion de chantier et que tu leur résumes en quelques mots.
When your colleagues ask you how was your site-meeting and you recap in a few words


Quand le charpentier t’explique que les poteaux n’auront pas exactement la même section que celle que tu as dessinée.
When you carpenter explains to you that the pillars will not be exactly the same section that you have drawn.


Quand l’entrepreneur t’explique qu’il ne lit jamais ses marchés avant de les signer, car cela demanderait au moins une semaine avec deux avocats, et que de toutes façons il a un accord cadre avec le client… “alors bon, les pièces contractuelles… Mme l’Architecte…”


Quand tu gagnes un concours face à un Jean Nouvel (Oh yes,  sorry my dear – it happens to the best  of us .)
If you win a competition against Jean Nouvel (for the non-architects, it’s like winning a tennis match against Roger Federer)


…and so on…


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Playing with food: allowed

How great are these ceramic plates?!! Love them!
Maxou is coming into an age where eating becomes sometimes difficult so I can only imagine what it will be like if our little tricks with avocado or dice of ham won’t work anymore. So I’m definetly getting some of these!! They look so much fun, don’t they? You just can’t not unload them, right?

boguslaw sliwinski plate toy

boguslaw sliwinski plate toy2

boguslaw sliwinski plate toy3

boguslaw sliwinski plate toy1

Designed by the polish designer Boguslaw Skiwinski . Wish listed!

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I’m back to work since a couple of days and dear, it’s w o r k  being a working mom. And we only have ONE (kid) so far! How do all these mothers-of-plenty out there do this??
So I barely find the time to open my computer at home and blog something. I’m sorry. I do miss it.

So this is one of a working mom (short) which made me really smile 🙂 20 Life Hacks To Make Parenting More Fun
Some of them are really good. I especially love

  • no.8. Keep Your Baby’s Eyes Safe And Dry with a Baby Shower Cap


  • no.14 Get Your Children To Bed With This Astronaut Duvet



  • no.19 Wear This Jacket to Teach Them a Lesson



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Happy Father’s day.. made me smile


..it’s been already a couple of days and we didn’t really celebrate.. but I loved those 28 Reasons To Appreciate Your Dad This Father’s Day

I think my favorites are n°1 and n°2  .)   n°5


n°24 and of course n°27 that you see above – so sweet.
Dads are the best, anyway! Right?

Happy belated Father’s day, mon amour .)

via buzzFeed

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How funny..and practical is that hanger? (another one, I know) Especially for all those old-building-apartments (in Paris) with all the joli pipes everywhere you look. And so women-with-no-craftsmanskills-friendly, no hammering, no holes in your walls and hangers that fell off every second week.
Nice design by Thomas Schmitz.



designed by Thomas Schmitz

via Stilsucht

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This made me smile…


Kids’ meltdowns… how sweet is this! I had to share that one. Tina Roth Eisenberg from Swissmiss (a great blog) is documenting the meltdowns of her little boy on this site. Yes, it is hard being two .) Love it!

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This made me smile…

..this napkin holder


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