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Friday faves

This article in the NYTimes made me smile

Dear Diary:

I called up a restaurant that we had been wanting to go to for a while when we visit New York (my wife and I are both native New Yorkers). A young woman answered the phone.

“Hi, I’d like to make reservations for Valentine’s Day,” I said.
“Sure, sir, I think I can do that,” she replied. “Let’s see, Friday the 14th . . . ”
“Do you have anything available at 7?”
“Yes, we do. Seven o’clock, table for two?”
“Yes, that’s great,” I said as I gave her my name.
“You know,” the woman said, “of all the reservations I’ve taken for Valentine’s Day so far, you are the first guy to have called. All the other reservations have been made by women.”
“Really?” I asked, somewhat surprised.
“I’m even looking at the other names that are here on the list, and they’re all women’s names. So you’re the only guy. You get big points for that in my book.”
“Thanks. Do you mind if I tell you something?” I asked.
“Sure, go ahead.”
“I picked your restaurant and the time because that’s what my wife told me to do.”

Happy wife, happy life



and this new hotel just opened in Paris where the name is concept as it seems : Hotel Crayon.

I’ve never really stayed in a hotel in Paris.  On my first visit I stayed at this great hostel, in the middle of Paris and then I always stayed at friends or in the end in my own appartement. People sometimes ask me if I can recommend a hotel while staying in Paris and I never know what to say but if I would visit Paris now I would definitely want to try this one. I looks really fun, don’t you think?





It was designed by architect Julie Gauthorn who used the reference of crayon pencils to choose wallpaper designs.



And have you heard of Steve Job’s time capsule that was found and unearthed after 30 years?!

It was put in the ground at the Aspen International Design Conference in 1983.



It contained among other items the simple one-button mouse from Apple’s Lisa computer, a Rubik’s Cube, an eight-track of the Moody Blues and some… beer 🙂


Have a good one!


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Of palm-shaped windows and other…

The other weekend we went to Barcelona to visit friends of ours and for the inauguration of the new Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel by Jean Nouvel (AJN). Em collaborated on it – which is mainly why we went. And it was great!

The hotel is amazing, even though the position is not very fabulous, it’s practical though since it’s close to the airport.
Just staying in the hotel was already like a journey apart. It’s all about palm trees in all its shapes, colours, shadows, light effects..

The windows have the shape of a palm tree



the lights in the rooms cast motives of palm leaves and the corridors and stairways are a big jungle.
The hotel is actually composed two towers with a huge vertical atrium-garden in the middle with plants and palms on every floor


– definitely not something for people with fear of heights as you feel the hight as soon as you leave your room, when you take one of the panoramic elevators or even just and especially when you take the stairs. But the views are definitely worth it!
There is a great restaurant in the middle where you sit surrounded by palm trees ad enjoy the view . The best view though you enjoy of course on the top, on the roof terrace with its nice pool,  sipping a yummy cocktail 😉


One of my favorites is probably the fact that as soon as you leave your room you’re outside – you’re not in a dark or narrow corridor but see the sun, the sky, feel the air – and all the plants make it really seem like being in a vertical garden. And for a little more you take the suite with a nice little private terrace with palm trees and a jacuzzi 🙂


It is quite tempting, right? I definitely recommend it for those who like it a bit different!

And then, sunny Barcelona, you’re always worth a visit!

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Sleeping under the stars…


How great would that be? Especially when the sky looks something like that!

In the Elqui Valley, in the north of Chile, which is known to be one of the best places for stargazing south of the equator as there is almost no light pollution – just opened this fantastic astronomic hotel ‘Elqui domos‘.
What a romantic get-away- why you’re so far away, Chile?
still, I would love to do this once.

All images by James Florio

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Barcelona mood…

Today is the first of march and spring seems just as far away as it did at the beginning of november… To beat this cold grey outside I reminisce about our spring-weekend trip last year, to warm up my heart and my mind.. Barcelona! Just writing the word cheers me up already .)

La Florida

So if you’re planning on going to Barcelona you definitely have to stay at least one night (or more if your portemonaie allows it) at this hotel – the Gran Hotel la Florida. Even if it’s only for this amazing view over the city. It’s up in the hills and resembles a little castle from other times. They have a great roof terrace, a spa , a swimmingpool..all that stuff Gran hotel offer..but if you’re lucky (we were) you get an angle room with this just breathtaking view over the whole city -180 degree! It sweeps you away. The only b-mol: you need a car, taxi..to get into the city. Otherwise of course, you wouldn’t be able to admire its splendour from far away.

But then you do what we did; the other night you take another hotel in the city, just as fine and less hurtful for your bank account. We took the OHLA hotel and it was perfect. Also with a nice roof terrace with a nice little pool and a great view over the city and you’re right in the center. And a great thing: they rent bikes! We did almost the whole city by bike. Passing by the Casa Batlló by Gaudi, going up to the Mies Pavillon, cruing along the beach… I think it’s a great way to see a city..and it costs almost nothing.

I know that both hotels are not absolutely a bargain but as we don’t go to Barcelona every weekend I think it’s nice from time to time to give yourself and your couple a treat. It’s worth it.

Picture above view from La Florida by Catharine Nicol

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