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The other weekend we went out for dinner and tried this restaurant and were quite impressed: MANGER. So I wanted to recommend it if you’re in Paris looking for a nice spot for dinner or lunch.


…in the middle of the room they have this ‘glass cage’  where they prepare all the delicieus desserts (and their cake by metre) which can be seen, admired and desired (and ordered) by everybody who walks by – very clever .)

The atmosphere is really nice, you don’t feel all squeezed like so often in Paris’ restaurants and the food (not only) looks good…

and tastes delicious! (I had Noix Saint Jacques rôties, purée de bettraves blanches, navets, boule d’or, poires, radis – Noix Saint-Jaques on a purée of wite beets with slices of radish and pears. Hmmmmmmm)

It’s close to Bastille, in an animated district with lots of bars around. don’t forget to make a reservation.




Have a great weekend! We’re heading to Morocco for 3 days to have a first since almost two years and last almost kidsfree (we’re still taking one-half with us .) all-relaxing weekend for probably a looong time 🙂







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Friday faves

This article in the NYTimes made me smile

Dear Diary:

I called up a restaurant that we had been wanting to go to for a while when we visit New York (my wife and I are both native New Yorkers). A young woman answered the phone.

“Hi, I’d like to make reservations for Valentine’s Day,” I said.
“Sure, sir, I think I can do that,” she replied. “Let’s see, Friday the 14th . . . ”
“Do you have anything available at 7?”
“Yes, we do. Seven o’clock, table for two?”
“Yes, that’s great,” I said as I gave her my name.
“You know,” the woman said, “of all the reservations I’ve taken for Valentine’s Day so far, you are the first guy to have called. All the other reservations have been made by women.”
“Really?” I asked, somewhat surprised.
“I’m even looking at the other names that are here on the list, and they’re all women’s names. So you’re the only guy. You get big points for that in my book.”
“Thanks. Do you mind if I tell you something?” I asked.
“Sure, go ahead.”
“I picked your restaurant and the time because that’s what my wife told me to do.”

Happy wife, happy life



and this new hotel just opened in Paris where the name is concept as it seems : Hotel Crayon.

I’ve never really stayed in a hotel in Paris.  On my first visit I stayed at this great hostel, in the middle of Paris and then I always stayed at friends or in the end in my own appartement. People sometimes ask me if I can recommend a hotel while staying in Paris and I never know what to say but if I would visit Paris now I would definitely want to try this one. I looks really fun, don’t you think?





It was designed by architect Julie Gauthorn who used the reference of crayon pencils to choose wallpaper designs.



And have you heard of Steve Job’s time capsule that was found and unearthed after 30 years?!

It was put in the ground at the Aspen International Design Conference in 1983.



It contained among other items the simple one-button mouse from Apple’s Lisa computer, a Rubik’s Cube, an eight-track of the Moody Blues and some… beer 🙂


Have a good one!

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Summer break Paris #2


While the streets of Paris in August are empty as at no other time during the year the beaches are quite populated.
Since about 10 years the city of Paris organizes an event called Paris Plages during the months of July and August. One of the traffic lanes along the river Seine (la voie sur berge rive droite de la Seine) is closed and covered with tones of sand in order to create an artificial beach in the center of Paris offering various activities for young.. and ‘older’ kids.
And though I agree that it’s a nice idea for all those who (have to) stay in Paris during vacation time I must admit that I’m not a big fan of the beach along the Seine. I don’t know why.. maybe because the city is too palpable (it’s still the center of Paris)

But this year we made a nice discovery while taking a walk at the bassin de la Villette in the 19th arrondissement. There is another part of Paris Plages, less known as less central and therefore much more charming and pleasant, to my eyes.
And even though Maxou is still too small to enjoy any of the activities we always have a good time only watching the others…





..struggle on water (my personal favorite! Looks so much fun)


..get wet and cool off



.. dance (or learn how to do so 🙂


..play pétanque (of course!)


..or just built some castles and chill on the beach


.. and lots of other stuff. So if you’re in Paris during summer (with kids or without) it’s a cool place to pass a pleasant afternoon ‘away’ from the city. (until the 18th of August)

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Summer break


I’ve been absent.. for quite a while. Life has been busy with travels, seeing my parents, prolonging travel since our Paris apartment was cut off electricity by a misunderstanding. So I stayed away longer than planned with Maxou. We still had some camping-like days and nights in our apartment, which was quite fun, actually. And quite relaxing, some days without tv, no mails, no phone calls..
Then preparing life after my maternity break, which will be over at the end of september.  So work will have me back and Maxou will go to a day-care center for children (crèche) like all his little french fellows. We were lucky to have a place! Wow! Which equals a miracle here in Paris where the places at the crèche are highly in demand. On the top we even had two places offered (!) at two different facilities (as I signed us on probably 10 different waiting lists in our neighborhood).  So there were information and register meetings, medical appointments, preparations for our summer vacations and so on..
Now summer can come.. and the new ‘year’ as well, like the french call the return back to school and work after the summer vacations.
Paris is ‘dead’ in August. Apart from the masses of tourists all the inhabitants are gone, the streets are deserted just like the offices which are closed, like your favorite bakery, your doctor, the theaters and so on… You shouldn’t count on dealing with any important administrative, medical or this sort of matters. Everybody flees the city which makes it almost enjoyable again. The streets are never this empty in the morning during the year. It’s quite extraordinary.
So we’re also flying off (again) to the south next week, close to Aix-en-Provence. Looking so much forward to it!

Picture Lucie & Simon

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Have you heard of Ron Mueck?

ron mueck2

ron mueck

Ronald Mueck is an australian sculptor based in London.  A hyperrealiste sculptor who creates human sculptures which resemble human beings up to the smallest detail, except for one element, the scale: his figures are either huge or tiny.  Which is very troubling.. weird, right? (Look the picture and the people standing in the back.)

Mueck started his career as puppeteer for the Muppet Show and other children television shows.

I stumbled upon him since he has an exhibition going on right now at the Fondation Cartier , Paris until the end of september. I’m very curious to see.

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Here comes the sun…didadada

Eventually he found his way, spring..or summer (already) – sun, in any case! And it feels sooo good! How long have it been!? It seems like ages. Last sunday was a real sun-day! We went to the park Butte Chaumont – I would definitely not recommend it on the first day of spring/summer in Paris – unless you like the St.Tropez beachlike conditions, sharing your blanket and your conversation with twenty-five other people around you. ‘Crowded’ was definitely an understatement, but well, that’s Paris – we still enjoyed the sunshine and

Mister Maxou pull out his sunglasses toute suite .)



What a sunshine… and the song that comes with it.

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